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Rebel Liberation Sounds

Taking Dancehall Reggae to Another Level!!Africa we seh

Rebel Liberation Sounds was founded 24th August 2008 in (Githurai 45)Nairobi Kenyan by the Dj Take reggae addict Selector King Rebel. The name of Rebel Liberation" was found after weeks of search. The Name Rebel came After name of the Sounds King Rebel and Liberation came when Rebel came to Liberate Kenyans Reggae fans. The significance of this word is very important to Kenyans Reggae fans because it represents a part of their identity. The purpose of the sound is to bring all people together, no matter what their skin color, tribe race or religion, simply through the power of Jah music.

Rebel Liberation Sounds is inspired by heritage sounds like King Lion Sounds, Jambo Sounds, (black) Supremacy Sounds and Livity Sounds. Also contributed to this evolution and helped Rebel grow.

From the start, the Selector King Rebel decided to build his own speaker boxes to become an original sound system. At the same time the sound began to record dubplates and accumulate various technical apparatus (amplifiers, consoles, ..).

Unity's dub box is very deep and brings together topical and foundation artists from Jamaica, Europe and Kenya. Just to name a few, when listening to Rebel Liberation Sounds you get specials from: Davile,Jah Vinci,Shamir (Kenyan Artist), Tony Anthony, Etana, Gyptain Anthony B I Octane and many more.

In 2009 Rebel Liberation Sounds came number 2 in First Ever Radio Clash In Kenya (and Africa).Clash was won by Existen Sounds Outta Forever (Another Upcoming Sounds from Kenya) Rebel Liberation Sounds Crew are Selector King Rebel.Dj Jamal,Dj Lean,Dj Takeova and Mc Smart bwoy.

Rebel Liberation Sounds is mostly known as a juggling sound and known as best sounds outta Kenya In Mixtape World.Rebel Liberation Sounds mixtape are most downloaded mixtape In Kenya.Rebel Liberation Sounds have their own Style. Rebel Liberation Sounds became one of the most wanted sounds .After years of good selections Rebel Liberation Sounds  is becoming more recognized, yet remains modest..

Rebel Liberation Sounds Motto:

I will die like a true-blue rebel. Don't waste any time in mourning - organize.